Dark Eldar rumors that really look too good to be true, but Reecius would not be making these up (good guy). So they definitely have heard something. These would be incredible, and a complete re-write of tactics and behind the current debacle of Dark Eldar. Yes, I would dust off my favorite army again.

I am hopeful on these. but really.. I have not heard anything yet regarding Dark Eldar from sources. This is also a long ways out, and in the current rumor mill, these things get a little wishlisty. <---- i="">not a word but I like it.

The source appears to be from Frontline Gaming and this video at minute 28

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Dark Eldar Rumors!
The next Dark Eldar codex is due out in the second half of 2016 with several changes.

Raiders are *free* for anything that can take dedicated transports.

Venoms are not free but can disembark passengers after moving 12″.

Wyches sound *good* and fluffy – and they’re getting new models. They all get shred and hydra gauntlets cause blindness. They also have the innate ability to choose to wound off their choice of attributes rather than toughness. So they can pick initiative and wound Necrons on a 3+. That’s what Wyches do to slow people. Their Hecatrix rerolls *everything* in a challenge.

Combat drugs are on a 2D6 chart and are optional.

Darklight weapons (dark lances, blasters, blast pistols) all gain the blind special rule.

During night fighting all enemy units are treated as affected by the blind special rule and there are powers to make it dark on various rounds.

Whenever a Dark Eldar unit with the Power From Pain rule attacks an enemy unit that’s blinded, those attacks gain rending and instant death.

Power from Pain is no longer a turn chart. Instead there are different types of pain the army focuses on, during a given turn and the army fights differently based on what’s chosen. No more details other than that.

The Court of the Archon gets a second copy of the warlord’s warlord power. Additionally enemies do not achieve the Slay the Warlord objective until they’ve killed both the warlord and the Court.

Succubi are like what Lilith Hesperax is right now. Not exactly sure what that means.

Hellions can hit-and-run on their initiative step rather than at the end of the combat round. Shoot, assault, make CC attacks, and then bounce out of combat before the enemy can make their attacks.

Wracks are 2W and any character automatically passes LOS rolls if they have a Wrack with them.

Because it's likely that many players have forgotten who the Dark Eldar are, or new players have never seen them on a table.

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