Chaos Daemons are getting new Warlord Traits for each of the 4 Chaos Gods in the new book Curse of the Wulfen according to this. So 6 new Warlord traits for each god. Very cool, and a few of them look nasty.

Please remember that these are rumors at this point. From a different source, so there could be errors, or mistakes.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
1. Aspect of Death- Units that fail a fear test suffer a wound for each point failed by. no saves of any kind
2.Glory of Battle. Warlord has rampage
3. Oblivious to pain. Warlord has feel no pain and all daemons of khorne within 8" have FNP 6+
4. Immense Power. Add 1 to Warlords Strength
5. Devastating Blow Can make a single devastating blow instead of normal attacks. The single attack is Strength D AP2
6. Rage Incarnate. Warlord and daemons of Khorne within 8" gain Rage

1. Born of Sorcery. Warlod harnesses Warp Charge points 3+
2. Incorporeal Form. Enemies reduce WS and BS by 1 when targetting warlord/unit
3. Warp Tether. +1 invul save to Warlord and Tzeentch Daemons within 9"
4. Lorekeeper of Tzeentch +1 Warlords master level. If not a psyker, he becomes one
5. Tyrant of the Warp. Ignores first perils of the warp each psychic phase
6. Daemonspeak. Warlord and Tzeentch Daemons within 9" gain Soul Blaze

1. Blessed with Corpulence. +1 wounds for your Warlord
2. Acidic Ichor. Any wound suffered in assault, the unit that dealt the wound suffers a S1 AP2 Poisoned 4+ hit
3. Plaguefly Hive. Enemy units within 7" can only fire snap shots at Warlord and unit
4. Virulent Touch. A model  that suffers a wound during assault, must make a toughness test or take an another wound. no armor or cover saves
5. Impenetrable Hide. Warlord gets feel no pain. If he already has it, gains +1 FNP
6. Miasma of Pestilence. enemy within 7" that suffer unsaved wounds during the shooting and assault phase take an additional d6 hits with poisoned 5+

1. Celerity of Slaanesh. Warlord and unit can run and charge in the same turn
2. Quicksilver Duelist. In challenges Warlord re-rolls failed to hit rolls
3. The Murderdance. Warlord and all Daemons of Slaanesh re-roll 1's in assault
4. Fatal Caress. Wound rolls of a 6 by warlord in assault have instant death
5. Savage Hedonist. +1 attack characteristic for Warlord
6. Bewitching Aura. Starte of each fight subphase, all units locked in combat with Warlord must pass Leadership test or lower WS by 5 until end of phase.

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