More is coming in, as we now get a chance to see the Psychic Powers and Tactical Objectives for the Chaos Daemons. I am starting to like how the campaigns are turning out, updating multiple armies within a single book.

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I picked up my data-cards this arvo - no campaign book for me since a mate is already getting it. Didn't get a look at the Warlord traits in the book yet, but apparently there is a Tzeentch one that lets you harness on a 3+ (not sure whether that was on the Warlord or army, assuming Warlord only) and another Tzeentch one that turns your Warlord into a ML1 Psyker or adds +1 to your Mastery Level - which could be funny on a Khorne Demon Prince in the DP Formation lol?

Discipline of Plague: 
Primaris - Stream of Corruption. Unchanged
1 - Debilitating Distension: WC1. Malediction on enemy unit within 24". Target cannot run, sweeping advance or overwatch.
2 - Plague Wind: Unchanged.
3 - Miasma of Pestilence: Unchanged.
4 - Rancid Visitations: Unchanged.
5 - Final Decomposition: WC2. Focussed Witchfire, Range 12", S*, AP2, Assault 1, Ignores Cover, Instant Death, Internal Liquefaction (*Do not roll To Wound. Instead, roll a D6 - if the result is higher than the number of Wounds the target has remaining, it suffers 1 Wound with the profile above.) Does not affect vehicles.
6 - Putrescent Vitality: WC1-3. Blessing that targets a single Demon of Nurgle unit within 24". Choose whether it is WC1, 2 or 3 each time it is cast. Whilst in effect, add +1 Toughness to all models for each point of warp charge it cost to cast.

Discipline of Change 
Primaris - Flickering Fire of Tzeentch: Unchanged, other than to reword it to make it clear you choose the WC cost before you cast.
1 - Tzeentch's Firestorm: Unchanged.
2 - Bolt of Change: Unchanged
3 - Tzeentch's Warpflare: WC1. Nova, Range 9", S D6, AP4, Assault 2D6, Ignores Cover, Warpflame.
4 - Boon of Flame: WC2 or 3, decide before rolling. Conjuration with range of 12". If used at WC2, conjure 1 Exalted Flamer. If used at WC3 conjure either a unit of 3 Flamers or 1 Burning Chariot.
5 - Infernal Gateway: Unchanged.
6 - Prismatic Gaze: WC3. Witchfire, Range 18", Strength D, AP1, Assault 1.

Discipline of Excess 
Primaris - Lash of Slaanesh. Unchanged.
1 - Acquiescence. Unchanged, other than to clarify that the Initiative penalty is to a minimum of 1.
2 - Pavane of Slaanesh: Unchanged.
3 - Maniacal Fervour: WC1. Blessing that targets a friendly unit within 24". Unit suffers D6 S3 AP- hits, but gains Furious Charge, Rage and Zealot.
4 - Phantasmagoria: WC1. Malediction on enemy unit within 18". Each time the unit wishes to Move, cast Psychic Powers, Run, Shoot, Charge, Attack in the Fight Subphase, Sweeping Advance, Consolidate or Overwatch it must first pass a Leadership test. If failed, cannot perform that action but may perform an alternative action in that phase, assuming it passes another Leadership Test.
5 - Slicing Shards: WC2. Witchfire, Range 24", S4, AP4, Assault 1, Large Blast, Soul Flay (After resolving the attack, any units that are under the blast marker must pass a Ld check or suffer a further D6 S4 AP4 hits).
6 - Cacophonic Choir: Unchanged.

And the Tactical Objectives if anyone is interested: 
11 - Delight in Despair: 1 VP if an enemy failed a Fear or Morale test in Assault Phase. If it was against a Slaanesh Demon Unit, score 2 VP instead.
12 - The Cycle of Life: 1 VP if an enemy unit was destroyed. It was by a Nurgle Demon unit, score 2 VP instead.
13 - Touched by the Warp: 1 VP if at least one friendly model succeeded to manifest a Psychic Power. If it was by a Tzeentch Demon model, score 2 VP instead.
14 - The Glory of Khorne: 1 VP if a character killed an enemy in a Challenge. If it was a Khorne Demon Character, 2 VP instead.
15 - The Dominion of Chaos: D3 VP if you control more objectives than your opponent.
16 - The Great Game: Roll a dice at the end of each turn after generating this objective. Score that many VP at the end of your turn if you control the number of objectives equal to the number you rolled that turn.

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