What's On Your Table: Raven Guard Praetor

My name's Louis, and I wondered if I might submit some pictures of a
recently completed project of mine to your What's On Your Table segment! I
follow Natfka pretty keenly and thought it would be awesome to submit my
stuff to see if it gets any interest.

I've taken the liberty of attaching some pictures to this email, as well
as a link to my Bolter and Chainsword log with the full warband so far.
Shout out to my gaming partner Disease's warband (also on the same link)
whose Death Guard are a fantastic counterpart to my own Ravens.

This guy is a Raven Guard Praetor - he's a kitbash of the FW Shadow
Captain Korvydae model, and he represents the leader of my Raven Guard
force in 30k games. Ruleswise, he's equipped with a jump pack and Raven's
Talons, the customised short-bladed claws you see attached to each
gauntlet. Fluffwise, he's one of the last Terran Captains in the Raven
Guard Legion still fighting alongside Corax before the Istvaan disaster. I
hope to do an entire squad of Terran Dark Furies with his signature talons
at some point.


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