This week's preorders are live in many places and soon to be for the U.S.. Stormcast Eternal Paladins and some amazing new terrain, are the order of the day for the Age of Sigmar. 

Stormcast Eternals Paladins £35

Numinous Occulum £35

Dragonfate Dais £30

there are also some repacks and bundles, including a new warscroll battalion. Here is you link to see more

Via Games Workshop 

The footsoldiers of the Stormcast Eternals, Paladins wage war with grim determination. Sent into the mortal realms, they attempt to cleanse the corruption of Chaos the Retributors deliver swift justice with their Lightning Hammers, Decimat..

 An ancient seat of power where priests are able to call upon the gods, the Dragonfate Dais is ringed by draconic carvings whose eyes glow with divine light. Hanging above the ground, suspended in a place between the realms and the heavens, only the bravest souls should even attempt to contact the divine through this dais - after all, your prayer may be answered by something other than divinity…

Places of arcane power and eldritch might, each Numinous Occulum connects the magic of the realms with strands of pulsing sorcery. Wizards that can master the spinning wheels of the occulum can peer into the future or the past, manipulate time or alter the fates themselves to bring ruin to their enemies and victory to their dark masters.

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