"It's not a rule book", but will contain the 4 pages of rules that are free, 8 scenarios, a bunch of Warscrolls, and most likely some very detailed background. It's really hard right now to know what is in this book that goes live this weekend for pre-order, as the information is very hard to get. Here is the latest......

Please remember that these are considered rumors, simply due to no official announcement.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
I wanted to follow up on the AoS book. It will have 8 scenarios, some (they couldn't tell me how many) Warscrolls, and the 4 page rules. They also stressed this repeatedly. "It is not a rule book"

I just have to wonder, what did the BrB Have? Rules on the game. Basic model stats. Scenarios. This sounds like a $74 rule book to me.

More as I get it, but I think most will come on Saturday when they allow pre-sales.
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