Details about the Age of Sigmar book are here, along with a couple Warscrolls that will be in the White Dwarf. Next week's hints........ "The chaos rules ... but where is the dark prince ?" The Age of Sigmar continues on for the foreseeable future.

As normal, consider these rumors until we get official word from Games Workshop

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Warhammer age of Sigmar book:
Story of the starter set, first part is about gods and myths, new heroes are introduced as well as old ones mentioned. Second part is about the starter set story, including 8 scenarios called "battle plans" to use with your starter set miniatures. It also includdes 24 warscrolls for all the Stormcast eternals and Khorne Goretides and also the mysterious Sylvaneth.

New releases for this week got leaked already, so just let me present the warscrolls:
move 5", save 3+, 9 bravery, 5 wounds.

Special rules:
You can use the cloak in your shooting phase to throw W6 hammers with it, you can choose for each hammer a different target or focus all of them on one within 16", roll a dice for each unit hit, on a 4+ the unit suffers mortal wound.

If it made an attack move in this turn he gets +1 attack for each of his melee weapons.

Command trait:
If he is your general and you use this ability, all Stormcast eternals within 9" get +1 on their to hit rolls.

Runeblade 4 attacks, to hit 3+, to wound 3+, rend -1, 1 damage
Hammer:    2 attacks, to hit 4+, to wound 3+, rend - , 1 damage

move 5", save 4+, 6 bravery, 2 wounds

Shields: You can reroll saves of 1

Death to the tyrants
If the enemy model in combat has 5 or more wounds, they get +1 on their to hit rolls.

Paired weapons:
If the model has 2 weapons of the same type (hammers or blades) they can reroll to hit rolls of one.

Each Liberator can have a 2 hammers, 2 blades, 1 hammer/blade + shield. For every 5 models, one model may have a grandhammer or grandblade.

Warhammer       2 attacks, to hit 4+, to wound 3+
blade                   2 attacks, to hit 3+, to wound 4+
grandhammer    2 attacks, to hit 4+, to wound 3+, rend -1, damage 2
grandblade         2 attacks, to hti 3+, to wound 4+, rend -1, damage 2

In the next white dwarf: The chaos rules ... but where is the dark prince ?

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