Its been awhile since Dropzone Commander released its new Command Units, increasing your game options on the type of unit you want to field. With these new choices, at first it seemed rather apparent that often the new types of units seemed often better for armies like the Scourge, or the Resistance.

For Example.... The Scourge Command is either the Desolator at 140pts or the new Oppressor at 145. I really like the Oppressor, and at that point cost I completely agree that the Oppressor is best choice. By the same token on the Resistance Alexander comes at 135pts while the big thunderstorm is at 185.

Since Commanders generally rack up the points once you start throwing in a commander in them at 35 up to 195 additional points, these units can get quite expensive in a 1500pt list.

However, the points are deceptive at first. Both the Oppressor and the Alexander suffer from one thing..... to really get them up into the fight you need a dropship. This is unlike the UCM Kodiak which can strike from the back field to anywhere on the map. Both Oppressor and Alexander excel in the game if you are able to use their firepower effectively, which means a dropship is necessary. Once you factor in the dropship, the point costs jump dramatically.

Suddenly it looks like this....
Desolator 140pts + Commander
Oppressor 145pts + Dropship 55/70 + Commander

Thunderstorm 185pts + Commander
Alexander 135pts + Dropship 55/70 + Commander

After lots of games using all of these command options several times, I have found the point costs for the Oppressor and Alexander to be limiting, unless of course they fit your particular strategy. For the most part though, I am sticking with the Desolators and Thunderstorms for these two armies.

I play both of these armies along with the UCM, so I am sticking to what I know the best. The other armies play differently, but also do not allow for dual commanders in a clash like the Scourge and Resistance.

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