There has been a lot going on with Dark Age, and to be honest a little failure on my part. Dark Age is a game I like quite a bit, its fast, furious, has some great rules and aesthetics. A great game tutorial was made, along with a new book release updating the Forsaken, and some new rules for the Saints including my favorite Saint Luke!

Dark Age will be at GenCon as well as at Nova. Expect me to be over watching the guys battle it out, and checking out the latest on Dark Age.

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Dark Age News:
The new Dark Age: Forsaken book comes out at GenCon in a few short weeks.

The new sculpts for the range means a complete 90% update to the models, including anatomically correct proportions to the models.

New Rules updates for them, including the Saints. Here is a what has been revealed this last week (Saint Week)

Game Tutorial

Saint Luke

Saint John

Saint Mark

Saint Mary

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