Even though Dropzone Commander has been around for a few years, a lot of players are still very new to the game, and a lot more are ready to jump into it. If you are new to Dropzone Commander, it can be a challenge to pick the right army to start up. Finding out exactly what army plays in to your playstyle can be costly as well, if you later decide that the army you choose was not the one you wanted. The latest article on the Dropzone Commentor helps…

Today we are talking about the PHR.... the Post Human Republic

Choosing a DZC Force, Part 3: The PHR

The Post-Human Republic (PHR)
The forces of the Post-Human Republic are a human offshoot, descendents of men and women who heeded the warnings of a mysterious A.I. known as the White Sphere and fled Earth prior to the Scourge invasion over 200 years ago. In the centuries hence, the PHR has formed its own advanced, but insular, society with arcane politics and even more inscrutable motives. What do they want, and whose interests do they seek to advance during the Reconquest? That, as so much about the PHR, remains to be seen.

Choosing a DZC Force, Part 2: The Scourge

Choosing a DZC Force, Part 1: The UCM

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