Waiting to actually find out how to build lists in the Age of Sigmar? Your not alone, as its most probable that we are only looking at the first introduction into the game with a lot left out intentionally (for bad or good- not my call). this new rumor bit is the Realmgate War campaign, a narrative introduction into the Age of Sigmar.

Please take this as rumor at the moment.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
I’m hesitant to call it a “Summer Campaign”, because a majority of the
bigger stuff will come out after the summer is over, but the big new
selling point of AoS is going to be vast narrative campaigns and story
arcs. The Realmgate War is going to be the first of these campaigns.

Future campaigns might be more focused, but RgW is primarily going to a
walking tour of the new setting. The release pattering is going to be
formulaic: Here’s the new world (Sans Azyr and Chaos, we go to them during
the final), here’s the evil force that’s making everyone’s life awful,
here’s the good force that’s going to liberate them. Inky, Blinky, Pinky,
and Clyde each get their own named faction, and The Horned Rat and Nagash
will each get their respective 15 minutes of fame.

Once all the new factions are introduced, and the war scrolls proper are
put up, that’s when we finally get the BrB. Don’t think of this as 9th
edition, think of this as the first expansion to Age of Sigmar. It’ll be
much smaller than a core rulebook, but larger than a codex, and will look
and feel a lot like the Horus Heresy books from FW. There will be rules
for list building, missions, campaigns, as well as all the “advanced
rules”, more rules for gods, magic, heroes, loot, more terrain abilities,
and special rules for games on specific realm. Then there’s going to be a
few weeks of 40k, followed by a few weeks to wrap up the Realmgate War.
The conclusion will take the form of an actual, factual summer campaign, as
the forces of order launch an assault on the forces of chaos undecided on
their home turf, all while death and destruction go around making sure
everyone’s having a bad day.

Then a few months later the cycle starts again. There’s going to be a few
weeks of breathing time, setting up the campaigns, introducing characters,
factions, and whatnot, followed by an expansion book that’ll expand on the
rules and let people play their own mini campaigns, followed then a big
conclusion with plenty of heroic deaths and things going south for everyone.

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