Dark Elves are out tomorrow, and it was time to take a good look at a good compilation of rules for what is coming out within the next 24 hours for the new army book. Exciting information, and hopefully this weekend we will get a good look at the models that will be released next month as well.

Please remember that until we actually get the army book in hand, these are still considered to be rumors.

Rules Compilation via Druichii
Army Wide Rules:
All Dark Elves (but not mounts/monsters/aliens...) have the following special rules:
- ASF (every elf)
– Hatred against HE
- murderous prowess allows Dark Elves to re-roll 1′s to wound in melee.

Magic: Dark Elf have access to all eight lores now!
HEKARTIS BLESSING: +1 to Cast Dark Magic
- attribute spiteful conjuration and does extra wounds to enemies that have spells cast on them. Target takes 2d6 s1 AP hits if roll doubles while casting and 3d6 if triples are rolled.
- Signature 1 PoD goes off on a 8+ and grants own unit +1 strength till own next magic phase. Gain D3 power dice but if you gain 3 power dice this way the wizard suffers a wound with no saves allowed, you still can take regen and ward saves against the wound suffered.
- Signature 2 Doombolt 12+ MM 18” 2D6 S5, or 24+ for 4D6 S5.
- Spell 1 Chillwind 5+ MM 24” 2D6 S2, if wounds, -1 BS till own next magic phase.
- Spell 2 WoP 9+ hex 24”–D3 to WS and BS till own next magic phase. Or 12+ for –D3 S and I too.
- Spell 3 Bladewind 9+ 24”, all models test WS or get S4 AP.
- Spell 4 Shroud of Despair 10+ all units within 12” lose Hold your Ground & Inspiring presence (<=> general & BSB) till own next magic phase. If fail Ld, gets -1 Ld till own next magic phase.
- Spell 5 Soul stealer 11+ small template direct damage at 18”, scatters, S2 no armour. For each wound, 4+ on D6 grows one wound to caster, max 10. Or 36” for 14+.
- Spell 6 Arnzipal’s Black Horror 15+ vortex, move proportionate to wizard’s level. S test or die, ward save allowed. 25+ for large template.

Magic items:
- Hydra Blade 100pts, D6+1 attacks, Ldtest at -2, if fails, gets -5 to WS but gains heroic KB.
- Chillblade 50pts, autowound, if unsaved wound, T test or loses 3A (1 minimum) till next CC phase.
- B. dragon egg 50pts. one use, S6, T6, and S2 breath with no armour save.
- Cloak of Twilight 50pts. 3++ against shooting & spells. KB and D3 multiple wounds in 1st round of CC.
- Black Amulet 60pts 4++. If saves during a challenge, inflicts 1 wound to opponent, no armour save.
- RoH 50pts. MR(3). Spells cast within 6” miscasts on double 1 & double 6. Wording is ambiguous to tell whether it is the wizard or the target at 6”, although target is not unlikely.
- BoN 100pts. Unbreakable. HE Shadow warriors within 12” are unbreakable, too.
- Gem of spite, 35pts. Arcane. If miscast, all enemy wizards within 12” suffer S6 or lose a DD.
- Sac dagger 25pts. Arcane. (kill one model and get 50% chances of new PD, - repeat as many times as you wish until you get the new PD).
- ToFurion 25pts. Arcane. Pick up one spell rather than random (Dark Magic only).

Loss of Hydra banner, loss of SSS. No PoK. No more FF.

Khaine blessings are confirmed.
Now assasin and Death Hags use different things, former is 3 kinds of poison, latter is 3 kinds of gift. They can only take one from the three. Shadowblade and Hellebron have all 3 kinds at the same time.
poison for Assassins:
- black lotus (15pts): for each unsaved wound suffered by the character, he gets a cumulative -1LD - include ranged
- dark venom (20 pts): KB
- manbane (20 pts): +1 bonus to wound rolls
gift of Khaine for Death Hags:
- cry of war: cause fear, and all fear test made by the enemy unit in base contact with the hag suffer -3LD
- rune of khaine: this model gains +D3 attacks
- witchbrew (30 pts): she and her unit get frenzy. If they already have frenzy, they become super-frenzy with +2A, but the unit suffer -3LD when testing not to charge. This works on any unit the WE has joined.

Lords and Heroes:
Dreadlord 140pts - can ride dragon - can use SDC

Heroes 75pts can ride Manticore - can use SDC
- a Master with Heavy Armor, Shield, Dragon Sea Cloak is 82pts (107pts if BSB on foot)
- Master can be BSB, and can take any mount and still be BSB
Master can ride Dark Steed, Cold One, Dark pegasus, Manticore or CoC.

DE Sorceress 185pts Lvl3, 80pts Lvl1
- an ride DS/CO/pegasus, and, for Lvl3/4, manti & dragons
- no longer able to cast more than 6 dice.

Black Arc Fleetmaster. Lord.
- The fleetmaster is 155pts with stats of 566433739.
- He has two hand weapons, light armour and a sea dragon cloak.
- (Dreadlord with the same base loadout as Fleetmaster would be 4 points cheaper, and get 1ws, 1i, 1a, and 1ld better).
- He can take 50 points of magic items.
- He has a special rule called "show no weakness" that means if he's fighting in a challenge or killed a character and is still alive, the unit he is with becomes unbreakable till the end of that turn!

High Beastmaster Lord Level Character which costs 300pts,
- must take either a manticore or Scourgerunner chariot, which are included in the points.
- His stats are 577433839 and is equipped with a spear, light armour and a sea dragon cloak. No other option.
- He can take 100 points of magic items and has a special rule called "beastslaver" which means at the start of each of your turns, you can choose a friendly monster within 3'', and that monster will get +D3 attacks until the start of your next turn. (Mentioned once a Flying Monster Box (Wrath) plastic x 1 + Option PE, Beastmaster, Sorceress)

Death Hag 85pts "naked" hero.
- can take 50pts magic weapon (only weapon)
- can become BSB, even with COB.

Assassins - 90pts with poison attack. Counts as hero.
- Stats 5994321038, ItP, a killer not a leader (cant be general, unit cant use his Ld)
- (may hide in unit, can be revealed at beginning of your movment or in any CC phase)
They start with hand weapon and thrown weapons. They can upgrade to additional hand weapon (2) or handbow (5). They have access to up to 50 points of magic items and also have the option to upgrade to one of three special poisons. One gives +1 to wound, one gives killing blow, and the other causes LD-1 for the rest of the game on a successful to wound roll.
- assassins have access to 50pts magic items except armour. Rending stars are now "Thrown weapons" under BRB equipment.

Same special characters as before.

Malekith 510pts on foot.
- Not much change to his rules, now the circlet grants him an bonus dice if failed his casting/dispelling attempts once per magic phase. GW: He is an accomplished sorcerer and is all but immune to mundane weapons.
- 5 8 7 5 4 3 8 4 10, Level 4 Wizard, Dark Magic only
- Absolute Power: Inspiring presence is 18" (24" if on a dragon)
- Destroyer (Magic Weapon): If he hits an opponent with a magic item that is still active and useable, one randomly determined item is destroyed on 4+ (once per close combat phase). In addition if a Wizard is wounded by malekith they lose a wizard level on a 4+ (once per close combat phase)
- Armour of Midnight: Magic Armour, grants a 5+ armour save, as well as a 2+ ward against all non-magical attacks. If Malekith suffers am unsaved wound from an attack that has the Killing Blow or Multiple Wounds special rules, he will only suffer a single wound.
- Supreme Spellshield: Magic Armour, Shield Grants Spell Resistance (2) special rule. If Malekith is ever the target of an enemy spell that he succesfully dispels, the caster's unit immediately suffers D6 magical strwength 6 hits.
- Circlet of Iron: Once per magic phase (yours and your opponents'), Malekith can use the circlet of iron to add a single bonus dice to any of his failed casting or dispel attempts. This bonus dice can contribute to irressistable force (and a miscast).

Morathi. 375pts
- GW: Morathi has access to all the spells in the Lore of Dark Magic and is a useful addition to your Dark Elf army. She is able to unleash a freezing wind against your foes, or drag their troops into one of the infernal regions. Should any of your enemies get close to her, then while they're stood agape at her beauty, she'll literally steal hearts and leave them as a bloodied mess.
- 5 5 4 3 3 3 6 3 10 / / 8 4 0 4 4 3 4 3 6
- Level 4 Wizard, picks spells from Death, Shadow and Dark - she can generate all her spells from the same lore, or from two or more of the above lores in any combination. Declare how many spells she will generate from each lore before spells are generated.
- ASF, Fly, hatred (high elves), Hekarti's Blessing, Impale Attack, Murderous prowess
- Enchanting Beauty: Any model, friend or foe, in base contact with Morathi at the start of each round of close combat must pass a leadership test or suffer a -5 penalty to their weapon skill (to a minimum of 1) until the end of the round. This does not affect hits that do not roll to hit, nor does it affect Immune to Psychology models.
- First Sorceress: Morathi adds +d3 to all her casting attempts (cumulative with Hekarti's Blessing in regards to Dark magic)
- Thousand and One Dark Blessings: 4+ Ward MR(2)
- Heartrender and the Darksword: Magic weapon, paired weapons, Killing Blow, +2 S when charging, every wound caused on a monster or character permanently reduce their A, S and T with 1.

Hellebron 310pts
- She now has paired weapons.
- all 1's to hit ->her<- 1="" a="" every="" for="" hit="" makes="" opponent="" p="" rolled="" s4="" suffer="" that="">- Any spells that directly target her unit you have a +4 to dispel on.
- She got 7-9 str 10 attack with rerolls to hit and to wound (unless the target got t9 or 10),
- cause fear at a minus 3 leadership
- makes her unit frenzy.
- and she grants a +4 bonus to dispel aagainst any spell targetted at her or her unit.

Shadowblade. 245 pts
- GW: Able to hide within regiments on the battle field, and even move between them, no opponent can predict when or where he will strike.
- Dance of Doom: 5+ ward save
- Master of Disguise: can deploy using the Hidden special rule. He can change which unit he is hiding in at the start of any movement or close combat phase. If an opponent has an ability that forces you state that there are hidden models within a unit, you only need to say that Shadowblade is hiding within a unit, but not which unit he is currently within.
- Has the 3 poisons
- Heart of Woe: Enchanted item. if he is slain, centre the small template over him before taking the model. Every model touched by the template takes a S3 hit.
- Potion of Diabolic Strength: Enchanted item. One use only. At the start of any player's close combat phase, after revealing the assassins, he gets +4 strength until the end of the turn.

Malus - he has been upgraded to dreadlord (3 wounds).
- now the daemon gives him +1 to WS,S,T,I and frenzy. Any to hit roll of 1 hits a friendly model in base contact.
- Still removes stupidity from CO.

Kouran 180ps hero, stats of 596432739 and if he joins a unit of Black Guard they become unbreakable. He has a magic weapon called Crimson Death which grants +2 strength, and has a 5+ armour save from the Armour of Grief, which also creates a strength 5 hit against his attacker if he is hit.

Tullaris 155pts hero, stats 566432739. When he joins a unit of Executioners, they become frenzied. He has a magic great weapon which is called the First Draich. It gives him improved (5+) Killing Blow special rule.

Lokhir, 235pts slv,
- has "show no weakness" rule like the fleetmaster.
- Daring leap means if he is not in a challenge, he can direct his attack to any character that is in the same fight, even if he does not have base contact.
- Merciless slaver means if an enemy unit breaks from a fight including him, all panic tests caused by the break suffer -1LD.
- Red blades is a pair which give him reroll failed rolls to wound, and Kraken Helm gives him +1AS, regeneration and terror.
- He is 566432739 hero.

Note: Rumoured blisters for Corsair character, Executioner character, Black Guard character must be Tullaris, Kouran & new generic peg leg corsair character.


Black Dragon at 300pts. Dreadlord with Heavy Armour and a Shield on a Black Dragon costs 449 points.
- GW: riders of these gigantic beasts are the Dreadlords and Sorceresses of Naggaroth

Manticore 150pts.
- 6 5 - 5 5 4 5 4 5
- heroes can ride them. GW: steeds for the lords of Naggaroth. Beastmasters often ride these majestic beasts themselves.
- Flying and Killing Blow, large target and terror.
- uncontrollable: at the start of each friendly turn, take a Ld test. If failed, it gets frenzy till the start of the next turn.
- upgrade 20pts: iron hard skin = Scaly Skin 4+
- upgrade 25pts: Blind Rage (+d3 attacks, but opponents have +1 to hit the manticore).

Dark Pegasus. - 50 pts
- sorc can ride them.
- 8 3 0 4 4 3 4 2 6 (Sulephet got +1 WS and +1 A)

Cold One. - Still stupid.

Cold one chariot for 120 pts, for MAsters & Dreadlords.

Dark Steed. - Dark Elf Steeds have the special rule: fast cavalry. M9.

Cauldrons of Blood still come out of Hero slots. Naked DH + Cauldron 275p.
- chariot which can join units, but needs not to. The need to be placed in the centre of the front rank is the only requirement.
- classed as a chariot so d6 st6 impact hits. Large target.
- M5, can march, 5W, 5T, not a large unit
- 4++ for the COB itself
- 6++ (5++ in case of witchelves or DH) for the Unit it is placed inside.
- Strength of Khaine: Friendly models with the murderous prowess special rule in units within 6" of the Cauldron of Blood re-roll all failed to wound rolls." (yes models not units) (it does not specify that it must be in melee, so RAW, it applies to magic and shooting too - but MP specifies only in melee, so RAI, the COB should not work for magic & shooting).
- Fury of Khaine, bound spell 3+: Frenzy special rule to one unit within 12" (grants +1A to alread frenzied units, not cumulative with witchbrew)

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