Its one of those things, knowing what you are facing, and failing horribly the first time you face it. (or at least struggling). Today's army type, mechanized forces.

Whether its the Imperial Guard, a Razorback spam, or the old school rhino rush, mechanized forces are here to stay in 5th edition. The question becomes how do we deal with it, not from the side of your own army, but when its sitting across the table looking at you square in the face. There are really a couple of things to look at when confronting a list like this. Are you facing heavy or light armor, squadrons, tanks sitting in the backfield or are they coming your way. Here are some of the basics......

Light Armor: Rhinos, Razorbacks, Chimeras. The real best way to blow these up, or stop them, is from a distance. Autocannons, misslelaunchers etc...... Remember you need an average of 3 penetrating hits to blow up a vehicle on average, so make it so. Take the high percentage shots, and stop these early game, and your opponent will have his mobility cut down. Meltas really are over-kill here, not to mention you have to come in close to use them, putting you in range of whatever it is that may be coming out of their transports.

Heavy armor: Landraiders, Predators, vindicators, Leman Russ's, Here is where your meltas come in handy. The best way to really get these monsters, is either with multiple close range meltas (a single shot kill is a lucky kill), or with melee weapons (power fists, chainfists, thunderhammers).

Squadrons. Land Speeders, Imperial Guard squadrons, vipers. The best way to really deal with these is a torrent of fire from a single unit at the squadron. You need multiple shots, devastators, predators, etc. This way shots carry through the squadron, hopefully disabling the entire thing in one hail of shots.

The purpose here is to be efficient with your weapons, and know your target priority. Knowing what you should be use against each mech type, and only go against the grain when necessary.

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