Something I always look forward to is what missions are played at ard boyz. I always need more missions that I get a hold of to add to my list of ard boyz missions. I find that bringing these to the table, and randomly playing them, is much better than anything in the mission book or simply rolling under standard missions. So here is what I've gotten so far. As of yet, I have not been able to get ahold of last years 2009 finals. Does anyone have them?  If people are interested, I will post the 15 or so ard boyz missions I have. It definetly makes play alot more fun. Leave a comment if you want me to start posting them.

2010 Ard Boyz Missions.............

When Diplomacy Fails
Deployment Zones are pitched battle, but you use modified DOW-no night fight, and no additional units other than the Observers and Staff may be placed.
There is a marker in the exact center of the board where the "Peace talks" will take place.

Observers:Two units of troops and one HQ. These may not include vehicles, transports, or MC. (An army with only MC HQ's had to put one out)

Staff:One Non-vehicle, non MC unit chosen from elites, troops, FA, or heavy.
You Dice off and the highest roll goes first or second. They must deploy their observers in theire DZ (this is where pitched battle came in) at least 18" from the center point. Then Player 2 does the same.

Then Player 2 places his staff unit within 3" of the center, and then player 1 does as well.
Everything else is left off table and comes on per DOW deployment

Before the first turn, something goes wrong in "negotiations" and the staffsquads attack each other, you dice off and whoever wins moves their staff unit into the other players unit. They both count as charging, and unless a unit is wiped out, it is counted as a drawn combat, which continues as normal the first turn.

If one player can hold the center point, it counts as 500 VP's.
Massacre, 1500 more VP
Major, 1000-1499 more
minor 500-999
draw 499 or less

+1bp for killing an enemy HQ
+1 for have your staff unit alive
+1for destroying enemies staff unit
+1for having all you HQ alive

Scorched Earth
Seize ground with 5 objectives.
All pieces of area terrain must be rolled for before deployment. On a 1-3 its on fire and counts as dangerous terrain, on a 4-6 its smoking and a unit with models inside may add +1 to their cover save.
Spearhead deployment
The player scoring the most KP's may count one objective as vital and then it counts for 2 obj. points.

4-6 more obj=massacre
1 more or if a tie whomever has more KP=minor
same number of obj and same KP=draw

+1for having an HQ in their DZ
+1 for destroying all enemies heavies
+1 for destorying all troops
+1 for holding and obj in a piece of terrain

Hold the Line
3 Objectives. One in the center of the board, and 2 18" away along the center board line. At the beginning of turn 4, roll a d6 and one of the objectives is now worth 3 obj. Points.

The player with the most KP's may make 1 obj. worth 1 more Obj. Point.
*this made it so 1 obj. could be worth 4 points.

Massacre:5-6 more obj. points
major:3-4 more
minor:1-2 more or more kp if its a tie
Draw:Same obj, and same KP

+1 no enemies in your half of board
+1more units in your opponents DZ than they have in yours
+1 for primary obj
+1for killing highest enemy unit

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