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So lets get your submissions in on what you have on your table. This lasts through the end of the year. The winner will be random from every submission sent in.

I just completed a project to update my old Risk board I made 20ish years ago. It was originally the standard Risk map, we used to play a lot of Risk when I was in college delivering for Domino's Pizza.

I always wanted to scrap off the original world map and redo it as the Warhammer (world that was) map. That project was hampered by a few issues including producing cards for the territories, plus collecting warmaster armies for the playing pieces(I have a full Orc set painted, somewhere). When the new Warhammer 40k Risk was announced I knew it was time.

I used some lessons I learned 20 years ago, such as don't spray prime foam. I also learned to make a practice piece to try out ideas on, I ended up doing a smaller scale map that you can see in a picture with the actual board that comes with the game.

The fortwalls between the continents was made from leftover bits from Rhinos. For Risk players the fortwalls are an interesting addition because they count as a territory for each continent, so you must hold the fortwall to have your continent complete. The fortwalls will be hotly contested. The only continent that doesn't have a fortwall is the Mechanicus continent of Storvhal (Australia?).

The board has cup holders and ashtray holders (don't forget it was originally designed back in an age when you could smoke indoors) and areas to hold playing pieces. The board has been sealed so that dice can be rolled on it. I would like to get a piece of felt on the bottom so that it doesn't scratch tables it is set on. I'm not sure if there's a business that could do that for me, like a furniture maker.

The board is approximately 3' x 4' which is about 1.5 times the size of the original board. I am toying with the idea of going twice as big and make a board of three 2' x 4' pieces so that I could take it to events and people could play with their actual armies. 


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