New miniatures from Raging Heroes with their Day of the Dead Daughters..... this time on Out of Hell Packs! Big fan of the New Choppers

via Raging Heroes Press Release

Happy New Year: new release!
Let's start this decade with a bang... Bikers from HELL !!!

After the insane success of the Day of the Dead Daughters, we couldn't resist...
We're so excited to celebrate the new year with this outstanding new release!
And we actually held over the Day of the Dead gals: check out our 3 special OUT OF HELL PACKS, with very sweet pricing!

Ah shucks... You're welcome.;)

The Daughters of the Crucible are part of the Sister of Eternal Mercy faction, but as much as the regular Sisters makes an well organised army of Noble Knights and highly structured Theocracy, the Daughters came to existence as groups of missionaries who had been left to themselves. 

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