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Figured I'd give this a try, normally just post up on DakkaDakka and B&C. This will probably get burred with all the emails but it's worth a shot.

Shown is Finished models and some wip models, off the top of my head i got at least a cannoness still in blister pack and 2 immolators to put together. The 2 vehicles I have finished I have converted to wheels the other two immolators will also have wheels at some points I'd like to either find, convert, or kit bash a flyer that is like a black hawk or huey with ospray wings that use jet engines and not rotors for the atmosphere/void flight capable. A Valkyrie is an option I just don't like how the wings are.

Link to an imagur gallery with more - https://imgur.com/a/CKeFR2l

The order was founded on an Imperial naval and trading port world that still retains sizable temperate pine forests with hive cities that are each their own port but also seen as on the small size for hive cities. It was formed to partly be a standing force to counter very local threats and their presence as a symbol of the emperor for the local populace and also to boost the standard Imperial Guard force with military force similar to the way police have the swat when needed. A mix of volunteers from from a few Orders, mostly Sacred Rose, Argent Shroud, and a small few from Bloody Rose, and Martyred Lady after a short while and a few events (Heavily involved in quelling a traitor uprising and eliminating a chaos invasion that had a touch of nurgle to it) they were unified under one banner "Order of the Argent Rose". Saints of the order referencing the historical Saint Hildegard of Bingen (historical saint, studied botany and was ill and sick through her life) as a Hospitaler that was key in curing the sick and ill during the Nurgal assisted chaos invasion attempt and the reason the orders robes are green, and the other "Dunane Knuton" (obvious refrence to Deunan Knute from appleseed) simply as a highly skilled battle sister key in causing the collapse of a traitor uprising, She could be a serephim but is a little bit of a rebel. With their deployment methods on their home world their rhino chassis vehicles have been converted from tracks to wheels.

Besides their usual duties at the various chapels in the cities, acting as security for several reasons vip escort, important shipments, assisting pilgrims.  Some of their mundane military engagements can be described to police engagements that require SWAT intervention like when the local Enforcers and Guard discover chaos worshiping renegade mutants in the middle of the woods, the Sisters are called in to remove it.


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