There are new updates for both Dropfleet Commander and Dropfleet Commander (both over the years have been some of my favorite games). I am very happy to see progress on this front for both games.

-The Battle for Earth is coming

via a reader on Faeit 212

I spoke to Dave from Hawk/TTCombat at Salute over the weekend. He's spent the last 2 years working on the Battle For Earth book, which is very nearly done. It will have a rundown of the DF/DZ story so far as well as new happenings, descriptions of the various combat theatres on Earth (although New York is the primary focus), it will have rules for the newer Dropfleet units such as the dreadnoughts, and finally units for a new faction.

This new faction (confusingly referred to as the "resistance" is the displays) is actually a colony world that refused to join the UCM and went their own way. Dave described them as being much more militaristic and authoritarian than the UCM (think "space Soviets"), and now that the battle for Earth had begun they are joining the fray with their own agenda.

Because they did not have the people or resources compared to the UCM they still use original tech and have a mix of turrets and broadside weapons, much like the remnant cruiser. Their ships have massive customisability - they can have lots of different weapon loadouts and have different hull pieces which can be attached in various ways (one example Dave mentioned was that you could have several battlegroups of the same ship with each battlegroup built slightly differently, so that you can tell them apart). They will also have Dropzone forces which will be a bit like the current resistance range.

Finally, Dave mentioned that they will be launching a free web app with unit stats so that they can keep them updated easily.

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