Giving all core infantry an additional wound is just the beginning of what is in store for the new Fyreslayer Battletome. Check in on the latest previews here.

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Ur-gold Runes
"First up, we’ve got the core allegiance ability for Fyreslayers – their ur-gold runes! When you play Fyreslayers, every turn, you pick a different rune, each providing a different benefit to your army and allowing you to shift your tactics. These are very similar to their previous incarnation, with one significant adjustment to the Rune of Farsight, which now gives fyresteel throwing axes – ranged weapons wielded by pretty much every Fyreslayers unit – an additional +1 to hit and, if you’re fortunate enough to activate the enhanced effect, +1 to wound."

All Fyred Up for Battle
"ALL of the core infantry of the Fyreslayers have been given an additional Wound on their profile!
Each of the Fyreslayers’ core infantry units has also received improvements to core rules on their warscrolls."

Zharrgrim Blessings
"Every Fyreslayers army using the new battletome is going to want to include at least one Auric Runesmiter or Auric Runemaster, thanks to the Zharrgrim Blessings."

Artefacts, Traits and More!

The Lodges
One of the most exciting changes to the Fyreslayers is the addition of lodges. These represent sub-factions of Fyreslayers from the background of the Age of Sigmar that are famed for particular tactics

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