OK, when will these be coming.... The Sisters of Battle are on the horizon and there is a lot of us that are just chomping at the bit to get more information....

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The Beheading of Goge Vandire
In early M36, the corrupt High Lord of the Administratum, Goge Vandire, manoeuvres himself to also become the head of the Ecclesiarchy. Thus begins his seven-decade-long reign of blood in which untold billions died. He is protected by a fiercely loyal, all-female bodyguard called the Daughters of the Emperor, led by Alicia Dominica. It is only when Alicia stands in front of the God-Emperor Himself that the scales fall from her eyes – she marches into Vandire’s chambers and decapitates him with a single swing of her power sword.

Alicia Dominica goes on to found the Orders Militant of the Adepta Sororitas – the Sisters of Battle are born.
The Massacre at Sanctuary 101
The fortress-convent known as Sanctuary 101 is founded on the eastern fringe by Adepta Sororitas from the Order of our Martyred Lady. In 897.M41, every Battle Sister within the stronghold is slain in what is believed to be the first Imperial contact with the Necrons. Corrupted video logs are the only evidence of the identity of the attackers and subsequent investigations of Sanctuary 101 find no trace of the mysterious assailants.
The March of the Penitent
In 938.M41, the Waaagh! of Warboss Blackaxe drives the Battle Sisters from the Orders of the Valorous Heart and Ebon Chalice back to the walls of the Cathedral of Saint Dufaux. Only the sacrifice of hundreds of Sisters Repentia allows the beleaguered defenders enough time to open the mighty gates of the cathedral. With the gates open, two dozen Penitent Engines are able to take to the battlefield and reap a bloody vengeance in the name of the martyrs.

Slaying of the Tyrant
In 991.M41, at the start of the second Tyrannic War, Cannoness Praxedes leads a force of Adepta Sororitas to the cardinal world of Okassis to reinforce the Astra Militarum. When the Tyranids make planetfall, a combination of Retribution Squads and Exorcist tanks cut down their first wave with withering volleys of fire. However, the second wave manages to breach the fortress walls of the Ecclesiarchal Cathedral. At the heart of the battle, Praxedes battles a monstrous Hive Tyrant. Even after it deals her a mortal blow, her faith in the Emperor gives her the strength to deliver one final attack with her mace. Guided by His hand, she caves in the Hive Tyrant’s skull and, with their overfiend dead, the Tyranids fall into confusion, proving no match for the righteous Battle Sisters.

But while these tales are well known, we’re taking the opportunity to dig deeper into the history of the Adeptus Sororitas and look at some of their more recent battles. We’re excited to present a sneak peek at some of that extended lore from the forthcoming codex right now.

Celestian Crusade
Accompanied by various Imperial and xenos agents, Celestine travels to Macragge in the heart of Ultramar, where the Primarch Roboute Guillimanis awakened from stasis. Celestine then accompanies the Primarch on his long and perilous crusade bound for Terra. Throughout their journey, the members of the crusade are beset by the servants of Chaos, including the enraged Bloodthirster known as Skarbrand and the Daemon Primarch of the Thousand Sons, Magnus the Red. The Imperial forces eventually reach Terra, and while Guilliman seeks an audience with the Emperor, Celestine departs to spread her blessings elsewhere.

Path of Righteousness
The Ecclesiarchal Missionary Dalomat de Montbard gathers a massive conclave of pious warriors and declares a War of Faith. He takes his campaign on a path of righteous destruction that leads straight into the Cicatrix Maledictum. Nothing more is heard of the zealous Missionary, nor his faithful soldiers, until a decade later when a coffin containing his body emerges from a warp storm in the far galactic west. Alongside Dalomat’s remains is a journal containing accounts of battles that span hundreds of years.
The Threshing Fields
En route to Ultramar, a fleet of Sororitas comprising multiple Preceptories of the Bloody Rose stops on the lone planet in the Thresh System. The halt in their progression is in response to a divine vision received by Sister Assumpta, a Sister who has yet to see combat. The Sororitas array themselves for war on the utterly lifeless world, and hold their positions for a day while the Canoness of each Preceptory prays for guidance. Their holy duty is made clear when a tendril of the Tyranid Hive Fleet Ouroboris spews into the system.
The xenos creatures hone in on the Bloody Rose’s position and descend upon the planet in great waves. Swarms of skittering predators are butchered by the Sisters, squads of Sororitas are devoured by ravenous monstrosities, and before long the barren world is drenched in blood and ichor. Knowing that the Tyranids feed off biomass, the warriors of the Bloody Rose ensure that every corpse – human and xenos – is burnt to ashes. After six months, the influx of Tyranids into the system ceases, and after six more the last xenos creature is finally slain. Sister Assumpta is the only member of the Sororitas force to survive.

That’s it for this week’s Battle Sister Bulletin, we’ll be back in a fortnight to bring you more news of the Adepta Sororitas.

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