What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics to natfka@live.com

Currently have a long overdue Warlord I have to get ready ahead of the TitanOwnersClub UK Walk in June. So with a deadline I’m finally progressing with the job rather than it’s naked superstructure mocking me from the corner of the Games room ! 

This is the Mars Beta Head, only available from Warhammer World, here is my Princeps Majoris Siph finally seated upon his Command Throne.

Dominus Victoria the Warlord of the Legio Astorum will WALK! 

Construction Log can be found at my WeeMen Blog  https://weemen.blogspot.com/2016/02/forge-world-warlord-titan-construction.html and any Titan Owners out there get those official FW Titans registered at http://titanownersclub.blogspot.com/ and join in the full scale Adeptus Titanicus fun! :)

Ave Imperator, Princeps Majoris Siph

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