With new Slaanesh models coming out this weekend (pre-orders) it was time for some lore and background on the new characters. Here is the latest.

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Syll’Esske, the Vengeful Allegiance

The Daemon Herald Syll Lewdtongue was once shunned by those in the court of Slaanesh for growing too attached to those meant to be tempted into their own destruction. Syll’s unique affection for these charges would, however, eventually lead to glory.

When a mortal war-slave known as Esske, a fighter in one of the gladiatorial arenas of Slaanesh’s gardens, caught Syll’s eye, the herald decided to guide the mortal to ever greater heights of carnage. Esske’s newfound patronage allowed him to ascend all the way to the rank of Daemon Prince, only to be dismissed by Daemon courtiers as a former mortal.

Syll and Esske joined forces to take revenge on those that had shunned them, combining cunning, speed and brute strength in one deadly tag-team. Carving a bloody path of vengeance to the throne of Slaanesh itself, the two bound their fates forever in a dark pact. Now, they are a symbiotic entity known as Syll’Esske, fighting with deadly synchronicity. The alliance which had made them outsiders before, now paved the way for their mutual ascension.

Shalaxi Hellbane

The Keeper of Secrets known as Shalaxi Hellbane is a peerless hunter whose favoured prey is nothing less than the greatest champions of the other Dark Gods. Shalaxi is the embodiment of Slaanesh’s eternal, furious feud with the Blood God, Khorne, and was in many ways created to slay his Bloodthirsters with contemptuous ease. To Slaanesh, defeating a rival deity in their own obsession is to secure an unforgettable victory. Shalaxi has slain countless Greater Daemons, as well as dragons, warrior kings, tyrants and any other warlords who have grown powerful enough to spark the irritation of the Dark Prince.

Contorted Epitomes

Rivalry is common among the Daemons of Slaanesh, but those few that abide each other’s presence are often assigned as stewards of an ornate Mirror of Absorption. These semi-sentient relics are taken from the Palace of Slaanesh and used in battle to absorb the magical energies of the Dark Prince’s foes, before turning them back with terrifying effectiveness…

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