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This is a handful of pictures from my custom Tau sept that uses all battlesuits and drones.

My paint scheme is a pretty simple series of washes and dry brushing. I was going for a desert based army that has seen lots of combat but outside of necessary repairs, does little to maintain their appearance. A few are of a slightly cleaner to represent them being either more efficient in their missions (XV15 stealth suits) or are just newer additions.

As far as fluff goes for my army, their sept was created shortly after the Farsight Enclaves broke away from the Empire. They are covertly sent in to deal with "rebel" Tau factions that have strayed from the path of the Greater Good, leaving no survivors. They employ only battlesuits and drones as a means of creating a faceless symbol of the force of the Greater Good. This sept has no name and is only spoken of in whispers. If the Ethereals where to name them, then that would acknowledge their existence.

So anyway, here's the pictures.

Have a good day, 
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