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Here are pics of my new Penitent Engine, the giant's name is John Little aka Little, and the penitent Sister Moritia.

John Little was the youngest of a locally famed family of ogryn, the youngest of 13 sons, many of whom found their way into the Imperial Guard in service to the God Emperor of Man. Little, the largest of the litter, although not as keen as the others, had a penchant for smashing things, which although useful, got him into trouble with superiors too many times. Including the time a Commissar decided picking on Little when he was, as Little said, "a bit too 'ungry fa dat yellin ats me, um sorryyy", which led to the Commissar's demise and at the behest of Sister Hospitaler Moritia, Little and her taking to a life of penance... together. Now the gentle giant with a penchant for picking up things, including Commissars, and smashing them into his head, has been weaponized together with the zeal of righteousness, to bring redemption to those sinners who need righteous flame, or just a good 'ed butt.


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