Space Marine Heroes, Series one is making its way forward in Japan with a release date of sometime this year. These are some very interesting models, and so far we have had very little real information for them.

So here is a collation of what I could find.

via Warhammer Harajuku

Previous Information
We are excited to be announcing a new product for Games Workshop Japan at this Year's Nuremberg Toy Fair. If you are attending make sure to stop by our booth in Hall 7 stand B-59 
Stay tuned for more information to come...

via Barzam on Dakka
So, Shizuoka or one of the hobby shows is going on in Japan right now. Guess what made an appearance. 

The Harajuku Warhammer shop has additional pics with clearer shots of the placard. I'd quote, but I'm on my phone. Still, they confirm that this is a collaboration between Max Factory and GW. It also confirms the price at ¥750 per figure. Release date is only listed as 2017 though. Nothing more specific.

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