Jervis Johnson is on Twitch Tv right

Watch live video from Warhammer on

I was late to the show this morning, but lots of interesting things being said.

These were caught by Bob on War of Sigmar.... Since I was late to the show.

J on v8 :
- V8 was made broad and flexible (3 way of playing)
-Easy to play and start is a focus.
-Games are like a garden : tend to overgrowth and you need to « prune » it at some point. v8 is a good opportunity to do it.
-They learned from the past, enjoying playing the game is what they want.
-Games should be easy to tackle (easy to play hard to master?)
-They made all the armies at the same time so they have a good idea of mechanisms as a whole.
-The first International grand tournaments was JJ asking the studio managers money to organise it, so he could talk about the game with very invested players.
-JJ Love the way GW interact with us now, using the new media
-JJ loved american Football and wanted to mix it with warhammer.
-Favorite rules : Turn over rule in bloodbowl (3ed), his first game with conscious experience on game design. Invented in the bath ^^
-JJ vision of faction is skewed by his job. So he's always thinking is this right or ok ?. Exception is Bloodbowl he's back to be a coach now and enjoy the game.

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