This is all sounding so good. Very exciting.

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Eldar Highlights
Wouldn’t it be fun to see more of iconic units such as the Phoenix Lords and their Aspect Warriors? The Avatar of Khaine? Well, I am here to tell you that all of these units have their place on the tabletops of the new Warhammer 40,000.

Phoenix Lords, especially, will benefit from a nice 2+ armour save. They’ve all been re-pointed to make all of the choices appealing, and they are more well-rounded – not only tearing bloody swathes through enemy combatants but also boosting the abilities of friendly warriors nearby. 

Asurman, specifically, is just fantastic, with the Sword of Asur able to deal mortal wounds and nearby friendly units benefiting from an invulnerable save!

You’ll recognise many of the same elements from your current army as well: high mobility with army-wide special rules such as Battle Focus, and of course the classic powers such as Guide, Doom and Fortune.

Striking Scorpions particularly are just vicious combatants that will strike fear into your opponent and disrupt their battle plans with the Masters of Stealth special rule and their Mandiblasters softening up enemy units at the beginning of the Fight phase by dishing out mortal wounds.

Howling Banshees get a new lease on life too. These girls are now faster than almost any other Infantry unit in the game, and nearly always get to go first in the Fight phase even if they didn’t charge.

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