Literally 4,000pts of Dropfleet Commander is quite the under taking. and while I did not do a lot of pics, I thought I would share some of them since seeing this much Dropfleet on a table is rather rare. Yea, my fleet is the Scourge one, and with a Commander sits at 4,000pts.

The game took 8 hours since I know someone will want to know. A little too long, but we did use a Column deployment to help move the forward.

A few more pics.

Over all a good game, but once it became one sided, the level of fun decreased somewhat. We also had a few traffic jams as you can see in the pics. The Scourge came out a clear winner here, but things also did not go well for the PHR. Not to mention that my dice were on fire... for example... I was able to shake off two torpedoes which require a 6 on a d6.

Perhaps I will do some more battle reports in the future, but a game like this is really tiring to do so.

I just thought some of you might be interested to see the size of the fleets in the first pictures.

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