I'm a long-time reader of Faeit 212. For years I've been reading it in the morning on the way to work, at lunch breaks, and just before bed to see if there are any new stories that have broken in the American daytime.

I don't get to play 40k very much any more. I started just before 2nd Edition, and as is typical for those of us in our mid-thirties, I've got a stressful job and have grown apart from my wargaming buddies. So reading the latest 40k news is escapism for me, and a chance to stay in touch with something I would've lost contact with long ago otherwise.

Today in the comments some drama ensued, with some language I personally would have found offensive had it not already been censored. Whether that term is acceptable or not is not why I write this - I'm writing because I am pleased and proud of the Faeit 212 community for having a heated debate that was for the most part civilised.

I read Faeit 212 because it does not have the gutter-level comments of other sites. The first and only time I posted a snarky comment, people told me it wasn't the done thing here, I felt bad, and never did it again.

I value the community here and so should everyone. Remember that not everyone shares your world experience or visits the sites for the same reason. For me, Faeit 212 is a few minutes in a world away from thd stresses of my daily life. It's great to have those minutes filled with lively discussion of a game I love, and not needless aggression.

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