Wow, not certain how I missed this... but what a cool model.The Troll Brute is big, nasty, and is led around with chains hooked up to his eyes.

via Forgeworld on Warhammer Community

a couple more exciting exclusive First Access releases you’ll be able to pick up at Warhammer Fest on Saturday 27th – Sunday 28th May.

First up is the hulking form of the Troll Brute. A towering slab of tortured muscle, this horrific war beast is unleashed by Azog’s Legion in the extended edition of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies™, where it stomps and smashes its way through the Iron Hills army until Bofur the Dwarf takes matters into his own hands!

Our next exciting First Access release for Warhammer Fest is the brand new Gwaihir™ the Windlord, the latest addition to the burgeoning Middle-earth™ Character Series.

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