I wanted to point out Atlantis Miniatures, who really have some quite awesome miniatures in their lineup. I know they recently completed their Dwarves Kickstarter, and I had feared I was not able to get in on picking up some of these miniatures. However, I was going through looking at their site and saw that the Dwarves are there and available for a pre-order.

Yea its a ways out, and I have yet to pick up some models from Atlantis Miniatures (they are on my list of miniature companies to try out), but I just love the sculpts these guys produce.

From Giants, Orcs, and Goblins, with some really good pre-order pricing going on right now for their Dwarves, Atlantis Miniatures might be someone to check out.

Please if you have ordered through these guys and have comments, I want to hear what you thought and if possible see some pictures of your miniatures.

Atlantis Miniatures

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