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Hidden Helm Bretonnian 5th Ed Questing Knight (aka Potato Sack Helm): Metal Citadel.
This one doesn’t have a kit and was cast in a single piece, shield and all.
Sea Serpent was a dragon head from the decal set cut off and swimming on his flame breath.
Of note, the Bretonnia Questing Knights were not actually killed during the unfortunate End Times. Most escaped, unwittingly, via hidden aelf and fey crossroads and paths while searching for the Lady and ended up in the mortal realms.

There were 4x “rare” 5th Edition Questing Knights that only came in blisters and were not part of the 5x 6th ed set. You can see all 9 types in the formation in the Bret codex pictures. Also included (in my list) a Grail Knight (in training) with a great weapon.  I’ll post all of the them together later.
·        The Cook
·        Lefty Great Sword
·        Scholar Knight
·        Hidden Helm
·        Grail Knight with Great Weapon


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