There is quite a bit of information coming out about Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower. It appears that some stores already have the game, and images of the box open with miniatures and rule books are appearing now.

Lets take a look at some of the latest images and what to expect

This is the notice going out to retailers....
In 1994, Games Workshop launched a game called Warhammer Quest. Warhammer Quest is a dungeon bashing game that has proved to be immensely popular over the years and even today many people play the game. Recently there was even a Warhammer Quest computer game and the Warhammer Quest Phone App about the board game has been downloaded over a million times already!

Games Workshop is now releasing a brand new edition for this established and well known & recognised game, full with new miniatures and updated game play. This is a re-imaging of a classic game, where the heroes must battle their way through the Silver Tower to defeat the trials set by the Gaunt Summoner. It is a 2-4 player game, with a random game length depending on the table lay-out and the number of players.

The miniatures will be compatible with regular games and the rules for this will be in White Dwarf 120 (The heroes) and White Dwarf 121 (The bad guys). There will also be a special in-store launch pack with deluxe and limited edition gaming accessories! See photo & details below!
A brand new game in a box, telling the story of a group of mighty heroes battling their way through the Silver Tower.

The box contains:
51x brand new highly detailed plastic miniatures, the quality of which there is nothing else like it on the market. Some miniatures are brand new concepts for the army, and will excite many customers! The miniatures have a dynamic single pose and will require glue and assembly (they are not push fit, however easy to put together). The miniatures can be divided into two camps:

The Warhammer Quest Heroes
6x individual Warhammer Quest heroes
Knight Questor – The Paladin (Stormcast Eternal)
Darkoeth Chieftan – The Barbarian (Free People)
Fyreslayer Doomseeker The Dwarf (Dwarf)
Excelsior War priest & Gryph Hound – The header and war priest companion (Free People)
Mistweaver Saith – Female wizad (Aelf)
Tenebrand Shard – The assassin (Aelf)

The Denizens
44x individual Warhammer Quest monsters that live in the Silver Tower. The below list of miniatures make for a great addition or a start of an original Grand Alliance Chaos army!
Gaunt Summoner
Ogroid Traumaturge
2x Skaven Deathrunners
8x Familiars
6x Tzaangors (Beastmen)
8x Kairic Acolytes
2x Pink Horrors
4x Blue Horrors
4x pairs of Brimstone Horrors
8x Grot Scuttlings

Gaming Accessories
A guide book
An adventure quest book
13x Reversible board tiles with different landscapes
6x Hero character cards
36x Skill and treasure cards
40x Exploration (event) cards, to offer even more variation to the game so that each game will be different.

A booklet with assembly instructions
Gaming accessories such as assorted gaming counters and dice sets

The game comes in a high quality rigid box (Dark Vengeance size). The box is full with miniatures and game components and therefore fairly heavy. To ensure that your boxes arrive in a good condition, we have pre-packed the new game in reinforced boxes. You can order in singles, however we do recommend that you order Warhammer Quest in quantities of 5, to ensure your orders arrive in a good condition.

Organise a pre-release party in your store to celebrate the launch! We have made our promotional material for this launch weekend even better! Want to make the most out of the Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower? The bigger you want to make this release, the more promotional support you will get to have an amazing party in your store!

Launch pack with deluxe and limited edition gaming material! See image.
This launch pack contains:
Deluxe soft touch gaming markers
Packs of deluxe holographic hero character cards. Each hero character card pack also contain 4x limited edition hero character cards for additional heroes. These character cards are not in the game and cannot be found anywhere else!
Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower badges (with 6 designs)
Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower art cards
This launch pack will definitely help you, to get your customers in store for a Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower release event!

Lady Atia is on it with lots of the most current images for this game.
- You don't need a Gamemaster, one player controlls the bad guys (aswell as his own hero) for a turn. I guess you still can play with a GM if you want though! 
- You can find treasures! But that's not surprising, isn't it? It's all about the loot after all! 
- There is a similiar mechanic to Space Hulk, so you have an extra pool of dice to use (for the whole team), but if you do this you may summon new enemies instead. 
- The room tiles work like the old ones - if nothing is on a tile, it gets removed from game.

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