This is not something you want to read if you are not interested in Spoilers.... This one is big, so stop here if you are not interested.

Enough Warnings.... its too late if you are still reading.

via a reader here on Faeit 212
in the latest space wolf novel, unless there is some melisandre shenanigans Canis Wolfborn gets killed by a herald of khorne. The scene ends with Fangir already dead and Canis with a severed spine with the herald above him, ends with “the hellsword fell, and the wolves of fenris howled”.

via TheWolfLord on Bolter and Chainsword
"I won't go into much of the plot for those that haven't read this episode yet however it seems that we've lost a named character.

“The Feral Knight fell to his knees with a grunt, blood pouring from his mouth to stain his beard red. He choked. Korvak was suddenly before him again, skull trophies clattering. Duellist turned executioner, the Herald raised his sword with a small flourish, Canis’ blood steaming as it ran off its scorching black surface. He tried to bring his claws up one more time, fangs bared, spitting bloody defiance. 
The hellsword fell. And the wolves of Fenris howled.”

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