We have seen models released from GW board games hit a general release, as in the Assassinorum: Execution Force game, with it's assassins models now available. Quite a while ago Squiglly had said that we would see more of this, and here is the latest from him on Faeit 212

A big thanks Squiggly for checking back in with this stuff. Thank you.

via Squiggly on Faiet 212
That wasn't me, that was Darnok. I've mentioned very little on the AoS as of late. If this does really well it MIGHT see expansions however. It's worth noting that Overkill didn't have all the heroes on the box cover though.

I'm still expecting the general release of the Calth stuff this month. I heard April-May, you got the rules in April, so the models shouldn't be far behind. Followed by the next boxed game in Fall. I heard that way back in Nov though so the timing may be slightly off.

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