The celebration of the 100th store opening in North America is happening on May 28th, and the new exclusive model is a Space Marine Captain. It is starting to look like the model might be free for purchases over $100 and $20 if bought separately. However we will get that locked down as the event gets closer and more information comes in.

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The only things I was told were that it's a $20 model made specifically for the event and it is a Space Marine.  There are 3,000 world wide, named character, with special rules of his own.  Nothing was mentioned about it being free at a certain purchase amount.  However, it would not surprise me. Furthermore, it is not supposed to be available online or through and FLGS like what happened with the last LE model.  This one is supposed to strictly be available at a GW store in person.

One extra tidbit is that there is a special signed artwork that each of the 100 GW North American stores will be receiving that is to be auctioned off in store the day of the event.

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Thought you might be interested to know that according to my local GW manager, the whole #GW100 campaign a couple months back was for the opening of the 100th North American GW store on 28 May and on that day there will be an exclusive Space Marine Captain model available only in N. American GW stores.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
The black date is May 28th and is the celebration of GW's 100th North American store.  Exclusive mini (around $20) and all day events.  There is an attendance contest as well.

I believe the model will be free for those that purchase over $100, or it can be bought for around $20. Here is what Dreadmeran heard from his local manager.

via Dreadmeran on Faeit 212
Been told by my GW store manager that a 100$ purchase will be required to actually purchase the 100th store model. Not sure if this is something that he's imposing on his store, or a general thing.

In any case, thought I should let people know.

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