Quite possibly tying into the May 28th release mentioned in the previous rumors today, This may add validity to that, and show us that May is when we will see points coming to the Age of Sigmar.

Previous rumor is listed at this link.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Black Date in May
Word came down from a GW store manager that I know (and he keeps very hush hush as it is, so when he tells me these things, it's legit) that there is a black date coming up for them very soon.  Some time in May, there is something going on that they've been told not to take off and not to plan any major store events of their own.  The ONLY detail I have is that it's just a black date around late May, nothing past that.

Sorry it's only so useful, but I know black dates tend to involve major releases and the like.

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