If you see or hear something, you can leave comments or email me directly. These bits were posted up in the comment sections here on Faeit 212 regarding High Elves and the new points system coming soon.

via Niall jenkins in the Comments Sections here on Faeit 212
Nice looking models. Love the Paladins they look cool.

I do have to go a little off topic but it is to do with the age of sigmar rumour about.

I was playing a game of sigmar on Saturday against someone who was using high elves. My store manager walked by and told us about a staff vs customers battle next week. He then asked my opponent if the model he was u sing was using alarial, I think that's how you spell it's. My opponent replied with yea to which my stoore manager said, the models look a litre small and should be as tall as nagash. This isn't one of those rumour Mogrurors, it's the same store manager who, 6 weeks before the new vermin Lord model came out, stopes me buying the old one and said, there is a new one coming out.

The second part of this is also part of this conversation as he told us about the book that was coming out for the points. There will be the three ways to play in the book and the last 15 pages will have all the points cost for all of the models of all of the factoins. The one he could remember was the hearth gaurd would cost 200pts for 5 and that it would be 200pts for each additional 5. He then sai d that you can only have one of each wars role in the army. He also told us to be there for the 28th of May and when we asked why he just said be there. I presume this is the date for the book to be coming out.

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