The Nova Open has just started it's registration for this year. There is a lot of early information here, including aligning the 40k rules to the ITC. This will help a lot of players go from one event to another. Also of great interest are new games coming to the event, including what looks like Dropfleet Commander! That would be amazing.

I will see what I am lined up for this year, as events so far are eluding my calendar a little this year.

via Mike Brandt of the Nova Open
It's that NOVA Open time of year again, folks!

Registration opens at 8PM US EST on Monday, February 1, 2016. This will be the primary info and QA thread for Dakka, which is often a major site for such things.

Our site =
Book your hotel rooms EARLY, they will sell out:

Convention Overview and Information - 
The NOVA Open is a Washington, DC area Tabletop Wargaming Convention with a strong focus on organized play, charity, hobby seminars, and social connection. 1,200 gamers attended in 2015.
2016 will be the 7th year of the NOVA Open, whose origins lie in a 32-person outdoor charity BBQ tournament held in 2009 in Springfield, VA.
The NOVA's legacy events include a 256-slot Warhammer 40,000 GT, but it now hosts 100+ player events in X-Wing, Warmachine, Malifaux, and large organized play tracks in numerous other game systems.
NOVA hosts some of the world's best hobby instructors - Justin McCoy of Secret Weapon Miniatures, Roman and Raffa of Massive Voodoo, Jessica Rich of Brush Mistress, Caleb Wissenback, and many more. Seminars are offered all day, every day of the con, and include new 4-hour hands-on workshops as of 2016.
NOVA partners with a sister organization, a formal 501(c)(3) charitable foundation known as the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation to raise funds and awareness in fighting critical causes around the world. We especially focus on leveraging the compassion of fellow wargamers and hobbyists to raise funds for Doctors Without Borders, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and the Fisher House Foundation. We primarily achieve this through an international consortium of brilliant miniature figure artists who collaborate to create world-class pieces of miniature art, including full armies, display boards, and individual show pieces. These are raffled and auctioned off through a combination of world-wide online raffles and at-NOVA raffles and silent auctions. Entering its 4th year, the NOCF raised over $25,000 for charity in 2015.

Interested attendees, partners, and vendors with questions should contact

For all events overviewed below, check out for event primers containing detailed information, schedules, and more

New Game Systems for 2016 -
Warhammer 30,000 / Horus Heresy - Led by some of the same personnel who've brought acclaimed Heresy era events to AdeptiCon in recent time, NOVA is proud to present a full suite of Heresy-era organized play opportunities throughout the NOVA weekend, inclusive of an escalation tournament, multiple campaign-style opportunities, and multiple mega-battle styled opportunities.

Star Wars: Armada and Imperial Assault -
With nearly 130 X-Wing attendees last year, it was only a matter of time before these two exceptional games joined the growing range of star wars-related activities available at NOVA. All Star Wars events occur in a major ballroom, with the gaming tables wrapped around a gorgeous centerpiece developed purely for the enjoyment of attendees at NOVA - a to-scale (X-Wing "big ship" scale), 11.5 foot Imperial Avenger-class Star Destroyer, complete with lights and sounds. It has to be seen to be believed, capable of dominating a 20,000 square foot gaming hall on its own.

Event-Specific Overview Information
Warhammer 40,000 - NOVA offers numerous distinct events for Warhammer 40,000 players and enthusiasts. We host a 256-slot, 8-round Warhammer 40K GT; a 30-team "Trios" team tournament pitting 3-man teams in alternating 1v1 and 2v2 games vs. opponents in a very casual and laid back setting; a 32-player Invitational for a $1,000 cash prize; a weekend-long Narrative that combines world-class gaming and terrain with social, team-building wargaming both on and beyond the tabletop (think war councils, planning sessions, and the like in places like our charity bar and lounge). We also offer a "Nightfighter" track for those who spend the day in other activities to join in on some of the Narrative battles at night.

New in 2016, the 40K GT is shifting its army construction rules to better align with the structures of the widely-used ITC format, enabling players who participate in primarily ITC events to attend NOVA without major force alterations. We've also taken our highly regarded missions to the next level, further refining them after their best year yet (95% attendee approval in post-event survey).

Warmachine/Hordes - NOVA hosted over 120 Warmachine players in 2015, participating in 8 distinct events (besides iron arena / open play). We expect that to increase substantially this year, due to increased demand and popular feedback, as well as the addition of a 9th event to the schedule and a cleaned up events calendar (that, for the health of all WM players, now actually includes a set-aside "sleep, for the love of Hordes" time).

Malifaux - NOVA proudly hosts Wyrd's North American National Championship for Malifaux. This will be our third consecutive year offering expanding Malifaux events, and the 2nd year of the National Champs. Last year's initial offering of 54 slots sold out, and we expect the same to happen this year. We've also added a more diverse array of other Malifaux gaming opportunities, including Shifting Loyalties campaign components. We'll once again be joined by Wyrd personnel, including their design team lead (Aaron Darland) and the designer of Malifaux himself (Justin Gibbs).

Age of Sigmar - Age of Sigmar will be in Year 2 at NOVA, including both narrative/casual and organized/competitive gaming opportunities throughout the weekend.

Infinity - Infinity is one of our most comprehensive event offerings on an annual basis, though space is always limited and in high demand. This year we'll be joined by Carlos of Wyrd, and we're adding a selection of narrative events to the already-busy ITS schedule.

Star Wars Gaming - X-Wing saw nearly 130 unique attendees last year, with more expected in 2016. We have some special announcements and surprises from FFG in store for attendees as well (Though we can't quite mention them yet!). We are also proudly bringing several Imperial Assault and Armada events to the tables for 2016. A full-on Shipyard is in the works as a new terrain production item to go along with last year's 11.5 foot long star destroyer!

Lord of the Rings - NOVA has the best Lord of the Rings terrain anywhere on the planet, including GW HQ. Seriously. It also hosts one of the larger LOTR GTs Stateside, attended last year by players from as far away as London and Quebec. We host a full range of LOTR events at NOVA, with over 50 unique LOTR players in 2015.

Blood Bowl - About 14 people came to play Blood Bowl in 2014, and nearly 30 different players participated in BB events in 2015! We look to grow yet again, with our third annual exciting year of Blood Bowl ahead.

Dark Age & Wrath of Kings - Cool Mini or Not is bringing its booth, demos, and more back to NOVA in 2016. Along with this, they'll be running another series of events for Dark Age and Wrath of Kings. SuperNOVA bags are also likely to once again include some pretty swanky goodies, courtesy of CMON.

Drop Zone Commander / Drop Fleet Commander - NOVA will very possibly be the first site of Drop Fleet Commander events, and we'll be allowing pre-registration to reserve spots for DFC. While you'll be able to get your first spot on the list, we will not charge for DFC events until confirmation of on-time delivery / fulfillment of kickstarter promises.

Magic the Gathering - A variety of MTG events will go on at NOVA in 2016, including a number of events catering to the timeframes and availabilities of our tabletop gamers.

Capital Palette - The NOVA Open's incredible juried miniature figure art competition and exhibition is getting a revamp this year, including moving to an Open Forum format (each Category will win a Best in Category, but there are unlimited #'s of potential Gold, Silver, and Bronze finishers in each category). There will still only be a single mini to win the coveted Best in Show and its accompanying Crystal Monument. This year's event is being directly organized, judged, and run by none other than Justin McCoy, Roman Lapatt, and Raffaele Picca! It is their and NOVA's paint competition for 2016!

Seminars - The list of seminars offered at NOVA this year is exhaustive, highlighted by courses from McCoy, Roman, Raffa, Wissenback, and RIch. Check the website for exhaustive details as we put them up, and don't miss out! Many seminars sold out last year - these teachers are in extremely high demand, and it looks like NOVA is likely to be one of the only places you can take courses taught by Roman and Raffa!

The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation Lounge - In addition to charitable activities with miniature figure art, armies, and more, the NOCF also converts an awesome set of suites at the Hyatt Regency into a Bar and Lounge, with all proceeds benefitting the charitable causes supported by the NOCF. Discount beverages and snacks are available all weekend long amidst a highly energetic, fun, social environment. Every night in the lounge is a night to remember, full of some of the biggest and brightest stars of the hobby having a beer or a cocktail (or just a soda, water, or coffee) with you and talking about whatever suits you. Last year also saw the addition of impromptu live music to the bar, and we're looking to expand that as well in 2016. It's one of the coolest places to be in our hobby, and everything you do is not only cheaper than most bars and restaurants ... it benefits great causes! Room 1850 in the Hyatt, all weekend long, through the end of the con on Sunday night after the award and closing ceremony.

Vendors - We can already confirm some of our best vendors are returning for 2016, and we're hard at work locking the rest and more in. Already good to return are:
KR MultiCase
The Toledo Game Room ("That Bits Guy" you always see in the halls at AdeptiCon)
Atlantis Comics and Games
Cool Mini or Not
Grex Airbrush
Secret Weapon Miniatures
Greenman Designs
Tectonic Craft Studios
Stiff Neck Studios

and more!

Get ready to sign up at 8PM on Monday, February 1
Let us know here or elsewhere if you have any questions!

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