We have had fears or concerns about what a 40k End Times could look like. After all the clock has been nudging forward a click here and there for years. While an End Times may not be the proper vocabulary for a new edition of 40k, the background and story of Warhammer 40k would be very interesting.

So I received the following this morning.

The interesting part, beyond a 40k End Times, is the second half of this; "Every worker being informed about future releases." It used to be like this, or at least we knew in advance releases that were coming. What this exactly means I have no idea, but a change like this even in principal, is a huge step forward.

Here is what came in this morning. This is such a radical change to policy that we must take it with a grain of salt, and understand that it is rather vague on exactly what it means.

via an anonymous sources on Faeit 212
I was told that everything about '40k End Times' or whatever it is named and other explicated information should be known at the end of febuary, because every worker shall be informed about future releases.

Faeit 212 Community News

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