Ulrik the Slayer and a new Iron Priest look rather confirmed at the moment. This is a good look ahead that Games Workshop rarely gives us. Wow. Also in these rumors is that Space Wolves will get an updated codex like the Tau did in Kauyon!

This seems rather logical, and the source below is very solid.

The Image Above comes from Games Workshop.....Iron Priest and Ulrik

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
I was looking through the new WD yesterday at my local GW and checking out the new stuff. (Manager lets me go in the back and see the new stuff!). 

I also found out about the Krom clamshell, Ulrik clamshell and apparently we're getting a new codex/cards akin to the Tau treatment after Kauyon... And an Iron Priest!!! 

I can't confirm the Iron Priest, but apparently it filtered down from GW HQ. 

The Long Fangs are the same but with bigger bases. The rest, I.E. Grey Hunters is just a cosmetic re-package I believe. 

The new WD had everything about the Wulfen and it appears there is 5 sets of every load out in the box! Claws, Axes, Hammers, Shields, Launchers etc. 

There are TWO unique poses for every model! Including the leader! As there are two sets of feet/ankles and two heads for every body! Which gives crazy amounts of pose-ability! Obviously, there is 3 sets of arms per model as well!! This is 100% fact as I've seen it myself in WD. :) 

Learn more about Ulrik the Slayer and Space Wolves Iron Priest

Ulrik the Slayer

Iron Priest

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