Some final pieces are coming together now, so that a couple more playtesting sets can be sent out. Play testing is going on in a couple different places right now, and literally I was up til 5am doing the latest round of testing with a couple people in house.

Since last night was mostly a Racial Build night, I wanted to share some of the diverse races that were being made, which really highlights how the system works. Each of these races were built out of the Humanoid Race rules.

1. First up.... the Titan Warlords
Huge Giants, many of them armored up to the teeth, literally walking tanks. This race included smaller giants, called Ogres as a slaves that were inexpensive, strong, crude, and can be sent in battle in masses.

The Titans were ruled by priests, able to use their magic to aid the armored Titans with powerful buffs, like speed.

Now the best part was the unique created for this race. For a comparison slaves ran about 15pts, Large Elite Armored Titans about 144pts, with the average soldier running about 63pts. These guys are very expensive (except the slaves). Normal point costs for most armies of the night was about 15-30pts per model for normal guys. But hey, Titans come with extra wounds to make up for it.

Now for the Unique. We called him "the Rock". He was massive, with 5 wounds, a crazy toughness, but ran up to just over 1700pts. Granted he can't be played in games below 2000pts. Of course in our test, he did eventually die to fast moving archers working as a team to kill him. Great fun, but not as practical for winning battlefield objectives.

2. Next Up..... The Fay'rie
These Fay hybrids were the fast archers that took down my Rock. Granted it was a lot of them. These guys were fast on the table, incredible archers, with specialist soldiers using spear and shield tactics. It was the combination of support units with poison, and armor piercing shots that kept the Rock busy, and laid waste to the mass of Ogre slaves. Not to mention their own Unique was a master archer with a customized artifact, an Ethereal Longbow. (we didn't allow him to use it in the test)

the fun things about these guys was the fact that they used specialized traits to view past reality and foresee the events around them unfold. They are able to use these abilities to either prevent being hit, or to pinpoint their targets better.

3. Not actually hitting the field but fun non-the-less, was the Lycanthrope Slave Army. A feral race created to worship the night, and of course transform into were-type creatures when they take wounds or fight in the dark of night.

4. Another, was the dreaded Dwarven Castle, that really can castle up behind their armored warriors protected behind a shield wall like non other. Dwarves can really take advantage of this tactic, and take it to a new extreme. I wish we had hit the table with one of these, and seen just how unmoveable this wall was. Of course we had some mobility issues, but a war wagon could easily bring them in to where they need to be. The wall also had issues if they were hit from behind, or pelted with volleys of arrows from the Fay'rie bows, but hey, that's two completely different armies.

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