Reconquest Phase 2 is coming soon. A rough estimate is an April release date for the new book and sometime around here for many new units. The one thing that can push it around some, is Hawk Wargames dedication to getting the Dropfleet Kickstarter out on time.. (June).

Character Models to become mainline variant vehicles for normal games. This means those legendary character models will get new stats and become usable in tournaments.

Oribital Bombardment spent some time with David Lewis. Definitely watch the video and visit the blog!

19 New Units that are variants of other models.

PHR approx 11:30
1. Ether?- Indirect Helios Variant
2. Angelos A2 Variant with troop carrying capability and flamers
3. Menchit A2 Short Range rockets with Dev2
4. Large Assault Dropship takes two transport options with its rocket pods.
5. Forward Bombard- Taranis Variant: Barrage Unit with indirect fire

Scourge 16:05
1. Overseer- Desolater Variant- Energy Hive that boosts plasma weapons.... think E12 Hunters!
2. Monitor - Minder Variant with limited shots and a single big E11 shot per swarm. (cheapest unit in the game
3. Corruptor Gunship- Alternative razorworm delivery system: that shots big torpedoes filled with razorworms. Reaver Variant: Rare Unit 60-70pts each

UCM 23:00
Crossbow Longbow Variant.. Cheap laser weapon that is area denial.
Falcon B. Rocket Pods 2 E9 rockets or AA E6 2 shots with Evasion
Serphim Retaliator? variant with missile hives. Barrage weapons on a fast mover. Serious Anti-tank

Shaltari 27:00
1. Leopard: dreamsnare variant with microwave arms or focused, with a dedicated anti-tank shot 2 E12 shots at 9". Dedicated night fighter.
2. Panther: infinite AA range weapon. 3 shots E8!!!! Slow to move. Huge!!!!!! For only 110+pts. Poor at reaction fire 6+
3. Firebirds- Thunderbird Variant- Anti tank version 9"  E10 gunship... dev 2... Has Evasion 2

Resistance 33:00
1. Mannit? Hannibal Variant Seige Tank. - short range E12 Demolisher 3. heavy slot. Probably Rare
2. Thunderwagons- Big homemade rockets- L1 per vehicle Large Template E10... one shot per round
3. Typhon Helicopters- Cyclone Variant with Chainguns... Dedicated anti-tank.

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