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Daemon Decurión is called Daemonic Incursion
Special rules:
- Demonic corruption: Objetive tokens count always as contr olled, if at least they were controlled by a Demon unit before. This Works even if the unit is destroyed.

- Warp unleashed: Reroll instability

- Demonic Power: +1 or -1 to the Warp Strom table after rolling

there are new specific artefacts for each God. And 3 new Psyker Disciplings for each God, with 7 powers each. And new god-specific warlord traits

A'rgath,king of swords: +1S, AP3, Specialist weapon, when fighting in a challenge always hits with 2+. 15 points

Lifetaker : AP2, Specialist weapong, 6 to wound are Instant Death, for every model killed, unit suffers 1D3 hits S3, AP4. 15 points

Crimson Crown; All Khorne Daemons at 8" get +1A. 40 points

Skullcutter: AP2, Specialist weapon, 6 to hit are SD.30 points (THAT ONE IS DAMN GOOD).

Khartoth, the blood thirsty: +1S, AP3, If a model suffers an unsaved wound remove it from the game. At the beginning of the model controller's turn roll a D6. With 4+ the model comes back to play via Deep strike, at 12" or less from the point it was removed from game.

Armour of something: 3+ Armour save, Adamantium will, -1S to when attacking its bearer.

- For every unit in the formation roll a D6 at the beginning of the game. Add +2 to the roll for the troop units that have an IC joined. For every 6+, that unit gets flanking. Additionally, if a the leader is a Wolf Lord, a single unit in Reserves can enter the battlefield automatically instead of rolling.
Reroll warlord trait

2-5 Runepriests
Harness Warp Charges with 3+ when using Tempestas discipline.
Every turn choose a Rune Priest of the formation. That one gets the following power:

- Livinstorm (WC3)
24", S7, AP- Assault 2D6, Shock (For every 6 you get +2 hits). Add +1D6 attacks to the power for every Runepriest in the formation beyond the 1st.

Ragnar Blackmane or Wolf Guard Battle Leader
1 unit of Wolf guard, Terminators or Thunderwolves
3-5 units of Blood Claws, Skyclaws or Swiftclaws
0-1 Lukas
4-6 Grey Hunters, Land Speeders
1-2 Long Fangs
1 Wolf scouts
0-2 Lone Wolves

Units disembarking from a Drop Pod get Fearless and FnP6+ that turn.
If Ragnar is on the battlefield, all "Claw" units reroll to hit in combat
All unit that normally can purchase a Drop Pod, can get it for free. Have to pay the upgrades. All Drop Pods of this formation enter the battlefield in turn 1.

DP Formation:
4 DP
Every deamon must be aligned with a different God.
They get following accumulative benefits depending on how many models remain on the battlefield.
4 models: +1T
3 models: +1S
2 models: Reroll 1's to hit
1 model: No benefit

If your warlord is one of the DP, then all of them get the same warlord trait.

Let's go with Tzeetch: 
Paradox: AP4, Combat, Once per turn you can, after rolling for a psychic power turn the dices around. So, for example a roll of 1, 3 and 5, becomes 2, 4 and 6. 25 points

Unending grimorie: Bearer knows all the powers of the change discipline. 35 points

Scourge of souls: Combat, Fleshbane, AP is equal to the I of the target. Against vehicles is AP1. 15 points

Oracle disc: Disc of Tzeenth. At the beginning of your turn choose a unit in Reserves. That unit enters the game automatically. 35 points.

"Unable to translate": Bearer gets 3++ save, Every time bearer suffers a wound must take a Ld test. If failed is removed from game. 25 points.

Eternal staff. Combat, AP4, soulblaze or Template, S5, AP3 Soulblaze. 20 points

Psychic powers:
Primaris: Same a codex Daemons
1. Same as 1-2 from Daemon codex
2. Same as 3-4 from Daemon codex
3. Nova. S1D6, AP4, Assault 2D6 Ignore cover, warp flames
4. Invocation, 12", with 2 WC creates a Exalted Flamer of Tzeentch, with 3WC invoke 3 flamers of tzeentch or 1 burning chariot.
5. Same as 5-6 from Daemon codex.
6. Witch fire. 18". SD, AP1, Assault 1

I really think that the new power is very good. 3D6 or 4D6 S7 shots with the shock rule are not bad at all.

Wulfen murderpack: 
2-5 units of Wulfen
Add +1 to the curse of the wulfen roll for every unit on the battlefield.
There is a 7+ result.
- Hunt: Affected units can move twice this turn. (THAT ONE IS GOOD)
- Kill: Affected units get +1A

The Wulfen units that get an additional attack for every 6 to hit in combat
1 additional A for every 6 to hit.

Spear of Russ: 
1-3 Iron priests
1-3 Units of: Predators, Whirlwinds or Vindicators
1-3 Units of Land Raiders of any type

One vehicle at 6" of one of the Iron Priests gets one of the following rules: Tank Hunter, Monster hunter, Precision shots, Preferred enemy
All vehicles get the Power of the Machine Spirit rule if at 12" of one Land Raider

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