Chaos Daemons are getting 3 new psychic powers in Warzone Fenris and in the new Datacards Chaos Daemons. You can see the leaked image, and the spanish translations provided by Miniwars!

via MiniWars

Translations from Spanish
Warzone Fenris, Curse of the Wulfen: 208 pages paperback book in which we find the return of the 13th Company of the Space Wolves, lost in the Eye of Terror, haunted by a massive horde of demons. Their chapter brothers  will soon go to his aid, a contest in which the Grey Knights and Dark Angels are also involved. New rules for new models of the Space Wolves, daemonic psychic powers, plus formations.

Datacards Chaos Daemons: Pack of 57 cards for daemons. Contains 7 psychic powers (3 of them new) for each of the psychic disciplines available, Change, Excess and Plague, plus 36 new tactical objectives for Demons.

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