Forgeworld sometimes is just awesome. From the new crusade army list in the collectors edition of the Horus Heresy Extermination is something they are calling "Optional Age of Darkness Rule Destroyer Weapons." Yes, its an alternative way to field them, one that I hope Games Workshop is taking a look at changing over to.

This to me looks like a winner, and quite possibly where we should of started back in early December with D weapons. A change like this would greatly change the landscape and  bring these into more agreements on the tabletop. After all the controversy I would like to see some sort of agreement to put destroyer weapons to rest.

It reads like this.......... And yes, reader sent me a picture of the rule, so it is there and not just a rumor.
"Optional Age of Darkness Rule Destroyer Weapons."
In Age of Darkness battles, players may opt to reduce the power of Destroyer (Strength D) weapons by introducing a random element to moderate their effect on play in smaller games. If doing so, it should be agreed upon by all parties openly before play begins. If this option is chosen, use the following amended rules for Destroyer Weapons:

*Destroyer weapons count as being Strength 10 and have the Instant Death, Sunder and Ignores Cover special rules. In addition, successful invulnerable saves taken against hits from Destroyer Weapons must be re-rolled. 

*Each unsaved wound from a destroyer weapon inflicts d3+1 wounds. Each penetrating hit from a destroyer weapon causes d3+1 hull points / rolls once on the appropriate vehicle damage chart.

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