One of our readers/ sources here ended up able to get a hold of a limited edition Void Shield Generator and is being gracious enough to share some insights to the box set, with some pictures. First off the thing is huge, as you can see in the pic above, and very easy to assemble.

via a Reader/Source on Faeit 212
I just come back from my local store, and the manager had one Void Shield Generator. I directly bought it.

And I noticed some things:
1) On the box it's written: "Made in China" (All plastik kit were always Made in UK before)
2) It's a Resine kit. As it's not from FW or anything else in UK from GW it's another resine, a Green-teal colored one. It appears to be strong, well detailed and not too heavy.
3) The parts are inside a transparent container shape, and the first thing I thought when I saw those transparent container shape is: "I already saw a model in this kind of shapes, from Dust Warfare from Fantasy Flight Game".

About the rules, there is a sheet with rules in the box, but it's not the same as in Stronghold Assault.
There is not the line that allows to buy some walls / tank traps / etc.

Pic with the Generator disassembled, as I didn't needed to glue it (I will be able to transport it easily).
It's a really simple model to assemble.
There is no instruction manual, or only two pictures on the side of the box.

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