I have now seen the White Dwarf cover for September (always alleged). It has 3 of the new 'Dreadmarine' models on it, and from the fuzzy looks of it, they are look rather nice. They are dressed in blue for those that care, with not rounded shoulder pads. It does not look like any heavy weapons mounted on them, but the shot is very fuzzy and hard to tell.

Also we have several old concept photos coming around that are very much similar to what I have seen on the cover. From what I have seen on the White Dwarf cover, the 'Dreadmarine" models are much bulkier than these concept sketches below, but the look is very similar.

Just to be clear, there is no name Dreadmarine on the cover that I can read. So the units name is still unknown

These are the concept pics from 2004 Games Day.

The White Dwarf image will appear very soon, probably within hours and when it does I am sure someone will link it below.

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