Ard Boyz Ard Boyz

Apparently we have the rule set. Its more than quite obvious that they just cut and pasted last yea...

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1:24 AM

Seize the Inititive Seize the Inititive

One of the things that can destroy an army, and give you a serious loss or tabling is when someone...

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12:48 AM

Prepare for Battle!!!! Prepare for Battle!!!!

Ard Boyz rules pdf are out. Check GW site, and search "ard boyz". Here they are. Figure o...

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1:48 AM

Redundancy. Extremely good article from Stelek. Redundancy. Extremely good article from Stelek.

This is very well written and thought out on several of the topics going on here. http://www.yesthe...

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10:12 AM

Control the field of battle Control the field of battle

Battlefield control. Especially now with the coming of 5th, (remember I missed 4th), controlling th...

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7:54 AM

Deployment take 2 Deployment take 2

Couple posts back I was discussing deployment in 40k. My main point was to know what you are going ...

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11:35 PM

The Battlefield The Battlefield

I cant tell you how many times Ive looked at certain stores tables and said..."That table sc...

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8:18 AM

Effective Range Effective Range

Something I have to keep explaining often when I am talking 40k tactics is effective ranges. Its ba...

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7:54 AM

Baal Predators Baal Predators

Like wow. Everything I was trying to do with banewolves in my guard army, I can do better with blo...

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12:52 AM

Preparing for Blood Preparing for Blood

Well, its here, and we've all had time to go over the codex. As luck has it, I will be starting ...

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11:38 PM