Well, its here, and we've all had time to go over the codex. As luck has it, I will be starting my first space marine army with the Blood Angels. Im very excited about, and have been working out the details of how I want to play this army. By the looks of it, there are some very very devastating and fun things to do here.

Ive spent the hours already going over lists, cutting and pasteing. While I have finally come down to something I might like, Im not sure if its something that will go into a main list for myself.

Things you will not see in my lists are..... Death Company, unless its just to get death company dreads, or sanguinary guard.

Things you will see, are furioso dreads, especially librarian dreads. You will see sanguinary priests, probably corbulo, honour guard, assualt squads, and baal predators.

I will be posting more on this army, as its going into production very very fast. Also please note that I just had a baby, so my posts will come out a little slower over the next few weeks.


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